Read Our First Annual Report!

We're reaching new heights for Giraffes! Join us as we reflect on the progress we made in 2017 and 2018 in our first Annual Report. 

We're proud to have funded a variety of projects and research, and our growing team has been present in the media to communicate our efforts.

We'd like to thank our donors for their generous support, which has made our great strides possible. 

Click here to read the report in full.

Catching Giants Wins 'Best Feature Film' at WCFF

Save The Giraffes is proud to support Francois Deacon, PhD. in his GPS Tracking for Giraffe Conservation project. ( Click here to learn more. ) Catching Giants is a documentary film of the South Africa Research Expedition, where of team collected data samples including the first-ever wild giraffe semen during the first-ever capture of a wild male giraffe. The team set out to place GPS collars on 20 wild giraffes in an effort to better understand and protect the threatened species. 
The 'Best Feature Film' will premiere at the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival on Oct. 24 at the Cinema Village in New York City, New York. Save The Giraffes board members will be present to contribute on a panel, as well.